college rockers😎

college rockers😎

Halter crop top
450 INR –

Short skirt
960 INR –

42,870 INR –

Superga shoes
5,280 INR –

Zipper bag
19,110 INR –

Alexis Bittar cuff bracelet
17,635 INR –

Christian Dior jewelry
25,335 INR –

Stud earrings
35,145 INR –

Tech accessory
2,245 INR –

black Photoshop! Outfit …

Hey lovelies!

Today’s blog is about a look book for workplace! It’s very necessary to look  vibrant as well as confident. So this look will give you a complete vibrant look which not only make you confident but also you will feel more comfortable.
black Photoshop


Boohoo rayon top
255 INR –

Polka dot trousers
1,925 INR –

Stiletto heel shoes
1,270 INR –

Betsey Johnson stitch bag
4,540 INR –

14k yellow gold earrings
4,465 INR –

CLUSE dial watch
7,410 INR –

Yves Saint Laurent pen eyeliner
2,180 INR –

Smashbox lipstick
1,345 INR –

Chanel eau de perfume
9,325 INR –

Still Killin’ It Large Notebook
1,605 INR –

Bpa free tumbler
770 INR –

Black home decor
5,065 INR –

Metal home decor
2,565 INR –

Accessories! story of wedding!

Hi viewers! 

It’s been a while I’ve not posted anything. So today I thought let’s talk about accessories. Pooja season is almost knocking our door and not only pooja but also wedding is coming.

Recently I got a wedding invitation of my cousin so I started to organize all my accessories and come up with few  combination. We all love to wear jwelleries during wedding! So here is 2 combination of jwellery which you must try on upcoming wedding. 🙂


Oh-so red!

I named this “oh-so red” because this combination is all about reddish glow and perfect for reception day!

oh-so red
Red nail-polish: Oriflame; Silver nail-polish: FBB big-bazaar; Bangles&earring: Flipkart



This combination is all about gold! We Indians love gold jwellery and this one is perfect for elders!

lipstick: lakme 9 to 5 matte; necklace &ring: city gold; bangles: flip-kart

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5 foods for monsoon!

Hey lovely people!

It’s almost end of July ! But monsoon is still surrounded you. It is always very hectic to go out in these rainy days. But the good thing is, there is hot spicy crunchy foods to go with it. There is no feeling better than eating hot, steamy food on a dark, gloomy day. So, whether you are out struggling or you are home curled up in your bed, this monsoon foods will definitely bring a smile on your face.

Here is the 5 most delicious food you can enjoy this monsoon.

1. Cutting chai :


Hot tea or Masala tea in this cold and rainy weather is the best thing one could ever drink. Popularly known as ‘Cutting Chai’ , since I’m from kolkata so I love to call it “garam garam cha” . Just one cup of hot tea in this rainy season is enough to make you feel comfortable!

2. Pakoras and Bhajis :


Cutting chai is already added in you monsoon menu. What about more spice-up ? Let’s add some spice. Pakoras and Bhajis are most appropriate menu for these days! This spicy crunchy pakoras and bhajis are most desirable food for this monsoon. Any garam garam pakoras with chai is testiest combination for your monsoon holiday!

3. Samosa :


We can happily indulge ourselves in this garam garam Samosa and Chutney combination every time. For Bengalis, it also knows as ‘singara’. This snack is the favorite of every Indian and sometimes it is completely alright to indulge yourselves with fried food in rainy day.

4. Chole-bhature :


The hot Chole Bhature is just mouth watering this rainy season. Uh! for me, this food is heaven.Spicy chole bhature with crispy kachouri will give your stomach full of happiness!!

5. Aloo ka paratha and Anchar and Dahi :


Garam garam aloo ka paratha and pickle and curd? Possibly the best breakfast to have in this rainy day.

yum! right?

These food items have actually made me love these boring rainy days. No other food or drink could beat these. The joy of crunching upon these dishes is the best joy throughout the season. But you all must take care of yourselves the most during this season.

Thank you! Hope you enjoyed this post !

Bloomy butterflies


Hi sunshine!

“If nothing ever change,there would be no butterflies”

Uh!I’m glad that you are here.this is my first blog on beauty tips.

Well! It’s always very necessary to look good.But for monsoon it’s quite hectic to maintain our-self. But we love rain! Aren’t we? There are few beauty tips for you all beautiful ladies!



Almost every woman has to put up with frizzy, tangled, dry or dull hair. That’s why every girl needs serum. Hair serum, that means it’s not quite a cream nor an oil. It’s consistency can best be described as a slightly viscous oil, that gets absorbed completely upon application to hair/skin. It’s doesn’t leave any sticky-ness or wet-ness behind. No matter what your hair type, These products can set it free from almost every problem. So don’t let hair problems tear you and your hair apart.

And ,these products very easy to get in your nearest hair-care stores. For serum : Livon, L’Oreal Paris smooth intense frizz trimming serum (My recommendation) 



Streaky, cakey makeup is an ugghhh look. This is the time to whip out water-proof everything, from mascara and eyeliner to foundation and lipstick. Steer clear of pore-clogging face creams and moisturizers. You need lightweight BB- cream-style coverage, a silky, light melt-proof makeup beauties.

So,it’s always very helpful to use waterproof BB creams, Laxme 9 to 5 CC cream , waterproof mascara .

  • SAY NO TO BODY-ODOR ! Say hello to freshness in shower:



Rainy season always gives you perspiration. Wittiness gives you bad smell. well! when you use body-odor ,your body sweat itself is virtually odorless, when microscopic body-odor particle bacteria that live naturally on your skin mix with sweat, they multiply quickly and raise a stink. A quick fix, of course, is showering twice a day with an antibacterial body wash.

I personally used Fiama shower gel  , Palmolive aroma therapy shower gel , bath salt.



That blasted oily T-zone just seems to be part and parcel of rainy weather. Yet a girl does need moisturizer in this weather, too.To remove face oil and make your skin more fresh and soft you always need a right choice of face wash or cleanser.

Oshea Herbal glopure fairness face-wash gives you a light and soft skin in this monsoon. this is not only work as a face wash but also work as cleanser.And for moisturizer you can use CLINIQUE anti blemish solution.


Hope this tips help you guys! whether it’s up-to you to make yourself beautiful and think yourself beautiful. And always remind yourself “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.” ― Kate Angel, Squeeze Play